The iMOSS recognizes persons who have fostered moss (in the wide sense) research. Such persons are identified and nominated by the iMOSS members and board. The board selects the recipients of the Golden Spore Award. To be eligible to receive the award, the researcher has to have a track record of at least a decade of influential research on mosses. The award is presented at the annual iMOSS meeting. Other awards, such as poster or talk awards will also be sponsored by iMOSS.

Best talk awards were received at the 2017 meeting by Laura Moody (best postdoc talk) and Kumudu Rathnayake (best PhD talk). The 2017 meeting took place June 22nd - 24th in conjunction with the ASPB meeting on Hawaii. Photo of the awardees.

The Golden Spore Award for 2016 was presented to David Cove "The Godfather of Moss" for his pioneering works on Physcomitrella.