iMOSS - international molecular moss science society Propelling Flagellated Plant Research

iMOSS - international molecular moss science society Propelling Flagellated Plant Research

The international molecular moss science society (iMOSS) aims to foster research on and scientific ex-change about non-seed plants. Historically, the annual MOSS meeting started out as a meeting of the Physcomitrella community. However, iMOSS emphasizes a broad interest in "mosses", including liverworts and hornworts, other non-seed plants such as lycophytes and ferns, and also streptophyte algae because of the rising interest in comparing them to land plants. In essence, iMOSS nurtures research and discussion on flagellated plants, i.e. photosynthetic eukaryotes that have not lost (sperm) motility. The concept of the Japanese word "Koke", applied to tiny plants and plant-like organisms, is what we see as "moss".

Next Conferences

  • Logo iMOSS planned to co-organize a meeting together with the Marchantia community in 2020, similar to the EMBO workshops 2016 (Vienna) and 2018 (Lisbon). The meeting was planned to take place in early November 2020 in India. Due to the pandemic, the meeting has been postponed.
    Due to the still volatile pandemic situation, it was now decided to shift the EMBO workshop again, to November 2022. Details to be announced at a later point. You may register your e-mail adress at to receive updates.
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    The iMOSS meeting 2021 was planned take place in Quebec, Canada, on 23rd to 25th of July, in conjunction with the IAB meeting. However, because the above meeting is now also scheduled for 2021 the board decided to have the iMOSS meeting in conjunction with the EMBO workshop.

iMOSS board

Full board

President Stefan A. Rensing (executive board)
Vice president Stuart McDaniel (executive board)
Treasurer Aruna Kilaru

Extended board

Representative for Europe Yoan Coudert
Representative for Asia Tomomichi Fujita
Representative for the Americas Alison Roberts
Student/postdoc representative Jenna Ekwealor
Head of Prize committee Magdalena Bezanilla

iMOSS was founded Sep 3rd 2016 at the meeting in Leeds and is a non-profit (charity) organization registered in Germany.