The international molecular moss science society (iMOSS) aims to foster research on and scientific ex-change about non-seed plants. Historically, the annual MOSS meeting started out as a meeting of the Physcomitrella community. However, iMOSS emphasizes a broad interest in “mosses”, including liverworts and hornworts, other non-seed plants such as lycophytes and ferns, and also streptophyte algae because of the rising interest in comparing them to land plants. In essence, iMOSS nurtures research and discussion on flagellated plants, i.e. photosynthetic eukaryotes that have not lost (sperm) motility. The concept of the Japanese word “Koke”, applied to tiny plants and plant-like organisms, is what we see as “moss”.

iMOSS was founded Sep 3rd 2016 at the meeting in Leeds and is a non-profit (charity) organization registered in Germany.

iMOSS board
Full board

President Stefan A. Rensing (executive board)
Vice president Stuart McDaniel (executive board)
Treasurer Andrew C. Cuming  

Extended board

Representative for Europe Pierre-François Perroud
Representative for Asia Tomomichi Fujita
Representative for the Americas Aruna Kilaru
Student/postdoc representative Rabea Meyberg
Head of Prize committee Liam Dolan